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Privacy information regarding personal data as per D.lgs. 30/06/2003 n.196

In compliance to the provisions set forth in Italian law D.lgs. 30/06/2003 n.196 on the protection of personal data, Mantovani Giuseppe & Antonio S.R.L. - Florida Atomizzatori

The personal information you freely release to us by filling in this form shall be recorded in a protected electronic medium and treated with confidentiality by Mantovani Giuseppe & Antonio S.R.L. - Florida Atomizzatori strictly for its own institutional purposes, connected or instrumental to the Firm’s activities.

Your personal information could be given to consultants, lawyers or collaborators of the Firm put in charge of processing in order to respond to queries. If necessary for administrative or accounting purposes, they may be released to the Firm’s tax consultants, who shall carry out independent processing. In any other case, your information shall not be disclosed or released to third parties without your explicit authorization.


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