Studied and developed to meet the requirements of modern agricolture, the line of NAZA sprayers by FLORIDA represent a professional and advanced product, which answers to the various problems presented nowadays by cultivation treatments.

The wide range of polyethylene tanks of our exclusive design equipment with built-in hand and spraying circuit washing tanks, the different high efficiency fan units, the availability of several accessoires and applications, the full compliance with the standards for operator's safety and for environment protection, make the new NAZA sprayers extremely versatile for the use in different cultivations (orchards, vineyards, oliveyards, etc.) as well as in different plantation systems.

Technical specifications:

- Polyethylene tank

- Head with one fibreglass shells and a cannon head

- Hot galvanised frame

- Centrifugal rotor with double suction and clutch

- Gearbox with two speeds and disengaging

- Remote manual control in lauminium with rotating lever and pressure regulator

- Complete connections with R1 hydraulic agitator

- Hand washing tank

- External graduated level gauge

- Side valve to empty tank

- Circuit washing device


NAZA.TM 1000
Tank capacity liters4285326358451055
Width, cm13201320132015301530
Height, cm10501200135014501620
Length, cm14551455145515501550
Weight, Kg290300310330390

Specifications may be altered without notice
*weights vary depending staging

Di Serie

Outside scaled glass level guage.
Control unit with pressure regulator.
Rubber centrifugal clutch.
Inspectable hydraulic agitator of the liquid.
Full emptying of the tank with valve.
Spraying circuit washing device.
Clean water tank for hand-washing.
Suction filter with check-valve.


Cardan joint 50 hp with guard
Filòling hose with "T"-shaped filter and connection with the intake filter
Floating tank filling filter complete with hose
Front side undertank guard
Signal light systems. Type-approved for the road circulation (only for Italy).
Fan unit bumper protection.
Rotating nozzle with tank washing jet.
Brass self-cleaning filter on delivery
Two brass self-cleaning filters for nozzle support booms
Premixer of the chemical product.
Remote control unit in aluminium with rotating lever placed on the tractor
Electric controls with manual pressure regulator
Electric controls with electric pressure regulator

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