SPRAYMIST.ART is a sprayer line for low volume treatment in row farming, with an efficient and rational defence technique, associated with the need to safeguard the environment and the operator's safety. The main feature in the possibility of low volume spraying, where the high speed air flow, crossing the venturi sprayers, creates tiny, uniform drops. The same flow deposits the drops on the plants, guaranteeing optimal coverage.

Low volume spraying has numerous advantages:

- LESS DISPERSION. The various spray heads available to suit the various types of planting system enable distribution to be targeted on the plants, considerably limiting dispersion due to air drift. The minute droplets adhere totally to the surface of the plants, thus eliminating dripping.

- BETTER DISTRIBUTION. The droplets suspended in the air flow reach all parts of the plant, even the most concealed, ensuring uniform distribution of the liquid sprayed and total cover of the vegetation.

- PRODUCT SAVINGS. As there are no drips and minimum air-drift dispersion, all the product is distributed on the crops. The quantities indicated on the product packs can therefore be reduced by 10-20%. This therefore saves the quantity of product which would normally be lost on the ground and in the air with normal spraying.

- SAVINGS IN TIME AND COSTS. With the same amount of liquid in the tank, you can treat a surface from two to five times greater than with normal volume spraying. This longer working time enables the tank to be filled less often, reducing dead time for filling and preparing the water/product mixture.
This considerably reduces the time taken, saving fuel and labour costs. Spraying is therefore more rapid, sometimes indispensable for successful treatment.

- LESS WEAR. As they operate at low pressure, the pump and hydraulic circuit are less liable to wear than in a sprayer with high pressure pump. The performance of the sprayer therefore remains unaltered over the years.

- FLEXIBILITY. The vast range of heads available make SPRAYMIST sprayers extremely flexible and suitable for applying targeted treatments on specialised crops using any type of planting system. 


- Manifold carried to three points of the tractor and trailered cistern unit

- Steering radius of up to 220°

- Polyethylene tank with total emptying

- Rear trailer frame hot-dip galvanized

- Straddle-able manifold with three drop booms having variable geometry for treating three complete rows of width between the rows from 2.00 to 3.00 metres, with central lifting

- Positioning with electronic control of the width of the arms

- 18 diffuser with 36 individually adjustable and closable outlets

- Powder-painted head frame

- One speed multiplier with release and centrifuge clutch with linings

- Blower unit with DOUBLE INLET impeller diam. 500 mm

- Volume of air up to 22.000 m³/h

- Adjustable carriage

- Wheels 10.0/80-12

- Membrane PUMP with heads in BRASS COMET of 100 litres/min

- Valve for operating at low pressure

- 4 way electrical distribution controller and electric pressure adjustment, with remote control panel on the tractor

- Electro-hydraulic controls for the 3 movements of the manifold with remote control panel on the tractor

- Hydraulic agitation of the liquid in the tank

- External suction filter with retaining valve

- Hand washing clean water tank

- Circuit washing device

- High pressure product pre-mixer with stainless steel "mushroom" in the input filter

- Equipment box ont the rear carriage

- External tank level with graduated scale

- Side tank emptying valve

- Tank indicator level with quadrant

All SPRAYMIST sprayers comply with EC standards on operator safety and health protection. They also comply with European standards on environmental safety and protection.


available with polyethylene tank with a nominal capacity of 800, 1000 and 1500 litres.
Quantity of residual liquid with tank flat or sloping by ± 10% below the limit allowed by current regulations;
Built-in clean water tank for hand-washing.
Built-in hydraulic circuit washing tank.

Actual capacity higher than nominal capacity in compliance with current regulations;

centrifugal fan, 500 mm dia., 600/700 m³/hour air delivery. Absorbed power 40 KW.

SPRAY REGULATION: by means of 12-position measuring taps with built-in anti-drip device.


Length, cm370370420
Width, cm196196196
Height, cm276276276

Specifications may be altered without notice
*weights vary depending staging






Di Serie

Clean water tank for hand-washing.
Spraying circuit washing device.
Outside scaled glass level guage.
Side valve for tank emptying.
Suction filter with check-valve.
View of the pump and the pressure regulator.


Kit for tank filling from the intake filter.
Electric controls.
Articulated drawbar with tractor arms coupling
Articulated drawbar.
Drowbar with fork fitting
Pair of mudguards
Electrostatic system for distribution on two diffusers
Two section electrovalves to open and close flow on the right and left sides
Two-way computer for distribution with electrovalves
Electric.hydraulic distributor for arm movements
Manual hydraulic distributor and hoses kit to move the arms (it is necessary if the tractor is not equipped with a distributor and an electro-hydraulic distributor
Diaphragm pump APS 121 / AR 1203
Diaphragm pump IDS 1201 / BHS 130
Double suction centrifugal rotor
Tank level gauge with dial
Centrifugal pump with hydraulic motor and hose for tank filling
Filòling hose with "T"-shaped filter and connection with the intake filter
Cardan joint 50 hp with guard
Constant-velociy (wide-angle) cardan joint 60 hp with guard
Surcharge for tank in polyethylene "FOGLIA" model 1000, 1500 and 2000 litres sprayers prepared for application of an external premixer
Surcharge for pull out external premixer to prepare the product and place it in the main tank.
Super premixer with transfer into the tank.
Washing device of chemichal product containers.
Rotating nozzle with tank washing jet.
Tank filling ejector.
Signal light systems. Type-approved for the road circulation (only for Italy).
Axle equipment with leaf springs.
Premixer of the chemical product.

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